Do You Know How Bed Mites Get Into Your Mattress?

Bed mites, also known as dust mites, are extremely small, which makes them difficult to see. An estimated 1/4 millimeter to 1/3 millimeter long, these microarthropods are microscopic. The only way to see them is under a microscope, and even then they look like tiny white spiders.
Female bed mites can live up to 90 days, while males can live over a month
The reason that bed mites are so widespread in people's homes is that they feed on dead skin cells. An individual loses 1.5 grams of dead skin each day, which can feed one million bed mites at a time.
Dust mites live in bedding, furniture, and carpets, places where dead skin cells accumulate. Additionally, stuffed animals and rugs provide excellent habitats for dust mites.
Although bed mites are found throughout the world, they prefer hot, humid climates. In addition to being able to burrow deep into cloth fibers, they can also accompany you when moving, going on vacation, or on business trips.
Allergic reactions are also possible. Bed mites may contaminate the environment with skin and feces that trigger allergies.

How can you prevent bed mites from returning?

The best way to prevent allergies is to eliminate bed mites from your home. You can follow these steps to reduce dust mite populations in your home:
  • Reducing the number of carpets in your home is a good idea.
  • Keep your carpets and rugs clean as often as possible by vacuuming and deep cleaning them.
  • Take special care to dust blinds, furniture crevices, and other places where dust mites may accumulate.
  • Try to keep the humidity in your home below 50 percent to keep dust mites at bay.
  • Dust mite feces and allergens can be captured by using certified allergen-capturing filters in air conditioning systems and vacuums.
  • Bedding should be washed weekly in hot water.
  • By using the zippered mattress and pillow covers, you can protect your bedding from bed mites.
In conclusion, bed mites in your home can be minimized by deep cleaning the house regularly, dusting off all the things that can collect dirt and dust. Especially, you should do mattress cleaning and wash the bedding weekly because that's where bed mites usually live and contact your skin, which can make you have skin allergies. If you don't know how to deep clean your home or if you simply don't have time to do that, don't hesitate to call Ocean Cleans - a professional cleaning company in Singapore - via +6563343309 and let them take care of the rest. 
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