Getting Rid of These 7 Bad Cleaning Habits if You Want an Effective Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is never easy for anyone
We’re all looking for ways to make deep cleaning faster and easier. You might be surprised to learn that sometimes taking shortcuts actually makes deep cleaning more difficult than it should be. Perhaps you or your family even have some bad habits that are interfering with your ability to get things done efficiently (you might even be destroying your house). Here are a few tips from the best cleaning service company in Singapore to help you along the way.
Get started breaking these habits today and see how fast you can get to a cleaner home. Let's start with an easy fix: try changing just one or two bad cleaning habits each week. Soon, your home will be cleaner and you'll have more time to do the things you love!

1. Letting paper clutter accumulate

In spite of online payments and banking, there is still a mountain of paper in our homes. Whether it is school magazines, newspapers, articles, or projects, they tend to accumulate. Don't let it happen.
Maintain a shredder or recycling bin near the entrance where you can keep mail, notices, and forms. Each week, organize and complete the necessary actions.
School magazines, newspapers, articles, and projects tend to pile up

2. Leaving wet towels and shower curtains bundled up

Want to spend less time in the laundry room and scrubbing mildew off bathroom surfaces? Don't leave wet shower curtains bundled up or wet towels laying on the floor.
Breaking this bad habit is one of the easiest things you can do. The shower curtain will dry more quickly and resist mildew growth if it is closed after each use. Hanging wet towels to dry will allow you to use them a second time and reduce laundry loads.

3. Using dirty tools to clean

When you use dirty cleaning tools, how can you expect clean results? If you want an effective deep cleaning, your tools need deep cleaning first. It is likely that your clothes will smell if your washer has an odor from built-up bacteria in detergent residue. When your vacuum bag or filter is full of dust, it won't do a good job sucking up. Mopping or wiping with a dirty sponge or mop simply pushes around more dirt and bacteria.
Every time you use a tool, be sure to thoroughly clean it by emptying it and washing it in hot water and disinfectant. Periodically, replace with new tools.
Tools need deep cleaning as well

4. Leaving Dirty Dishes in the Sink

Dishes should be washed as soon as possible
What is the time difference between putting that dirty glass in the dishwasher versus the sink?
Dishes left in the sink are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and make a feast for hungry insects. Make sure everyone in the household knows to wash the dishes immediately or to put them in the dishwasher.

5. Not making up the bed

Despite the clean and tidy rest of the room, an unmade bed makes it look messy.
Making the bed each morning is a habit that will keep the rest of the room (and maybe the entire house) organized. You can make the task easier by selecting bedding that is easy to spread neatly. It is much easier to make a bed with a simple comforter and pillow shams than one with lots of fussy pillows.
Deep cleaning your mattress regularly to remove dust mites
To get rid of bed dust mites, you should vacuum your mattress regularly. You and your family may suffer health problems as a result of these tiny creatures.

6. Cleaning with harsh products

Instead of toxic chemicals, use eco-friendly options
Like using too much cleaner, using a cleaner that is too harsh can also be a bad habit. If the cleaner strips away the finish or creates hazards for your pets and family, it can do more harm than good.
Chlorine bleach is a good example. Although it is a good disinfectant, it is not a great dirt and grime remover, and the fumes can be toxic. When deep cleaning, always use the gentlest cleaning products, regardless of how tough the stains are or how long it takes.

7. Dusting Last When Cleaning

Save yourself some effort by dusting before any deep cleaning
You can save time and effort by dusting before vacuuming. Cleaning is best done from top to bottom so that dust lands on the floor to be swept or vacuumed away. And remember how that one disinfectant wipe can’t effectively clean an entire bathroom?
A disposable duster is no different. After a while, grab a new duster when the one you're using turns solid grey. Using a dirty duster, you aren't trapping dust anymore; you are just pushing it around.
That’s all for our tips.
If you need any help with house deep cleaning, simply schedule a consultation and we’ll take care of the rest.
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