Mattress cleaning how to get rid of dust mites

Dust mites mattress multiply easily in bedding and are the causes of year-round allergies with unpleasant symptoms. You should periodically remove them for reasons of hygiene. A good vacuum cleaner and professional mattress cleaning services can be of assistance. Refer to the article below to know how to remove dust mites on the mattress!


A dust mite is a tiny eight-legged creature which is virtually impossible to see with the naked eye. The dust mite feeds on the flakes of human skin that are shed, so it is found everywhere humans live. They will live in even the cleanest of homes, making them difficult to remove. Specifically, dust mites are often found in bedding as there are a lot of dead skin flakes there. Dust mites also thrive in places with high humidity. Mattresses and bedding fulfil these requirements because shed skin and perspiration provide an ideal source of food and humidity.

Dust mites mattress are the causes of year-round allergies with unpleasant symptoms


No matter how you plan to remove dust mites from your mattress, you will also need to remove them from your sheets and pillowcases. This can be done by washing these at high temperatures or using a water based vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter. The following are a few methods for removing dust mites from your mattress.

Lower the humidity

By running a dehumidifier and reducing the humidity to about 35%, you will make the conditions unfavourable for dust mites. However, this method has three major disadvantages. First of all, when you sleep on your bed at night, perspiration will increase the amount of moisture on your bedding, making conditions favourable once again for dust mites to spread. Secondly, a very low humidity level of 35% may be uncomfortable for some individuals. Thirdly, it costs a lot of money in electrical costs to run a humidifier constantly. In addition, this method does not remove any of the faecal matter of dust mites from your bed, and that is what causes allergies. Nevertheless, this method is only useful when combined with other methods that physically eliminate dust mites and their by-products.


A water filtration vacuum like Lura Premium can remove dust mites from your bed sheet and mattress easily in just 5 mins. Vacuum with water-trapped method and a HEPA filter will be effective in picking up and containing them.

A water filtration vacuum like Lura Premium can remove dust mites from your bed sheet and mattress

Call a professional

A professional specializing in mattress cleaning may be able to help with this. However, this should not be the first option. The reason for this, besides the expense, is that the professional may employ chemical methods of removing dust mites. If you suffer from allergies, these chemicals may aggravate your condition. Choosing a service with eco-friendly solution once a month to free of mind from those dust mites problems.

No matter which of the above methods you employ, it is important to remember that dust mites can be picked up from anywhere else in the home and wind up on an otherwise clean mattress and multiply. Even if you clean your mattress and sheets frequently, you'll also need to vacuum your carpets frequently to reduce dust mites. Note that wood, tile or linoleum floors are less friendly to dust mites than carpet is, especially as they can be regularly mopped.