Mattress cleaning in Singapore - How much does it cost?

Cleaning your mattress regularly can eliminate allergens, dust, bacteria, and stop serious mattress problems such as mold and odors. Unfortunately, some people do not have a lot of time to take care of such things. Although there are a lot of companies that provide mattress cleaning in Singapore, it's hard to find a good and trustworthy partner. 

What makes mattress cleaning so important?

During mattress cleaning, all traces of bad odor, dirt, dust, and mites are removed from the mattress. Here are a few disastrous issues that mattress cleaning can resolve:
• Bed bugs and dust mites, which bite people and make sleeping unbearable
• Getting rid of any dust and allergens
• Elimination of any present viruses and bacteria
• A soiled mattress and poor sanitation.
Mattress cleaning removes all types of dirt, dust, and mites
Leaving dust mites to live in your bed would result in them multiplying slowly as they feed on your skin, which you shed about 10 grams a week during sleep, more than enough to keep them alive. Dust mites do not transmit diseases but can cause allergic reactions, such as asthmatic reactions.

How Much Does Professional Mattress Cleaning in Singapore Cost?

Mattress cleaning in Singapore costs around $90 Singapore Dollars for a single mattress while cleaning a queen-sized mattress costs around $120 Singapore Dollars. When you do bulk cleaning, you can save on transportation and labor costs.
As a first-time customer, Ocean Clean offers the finest deal at just $39 Singapore Dollars for 2-hour mattress cleaning in Singapore and 1-room air treatment (original price is $240 Singapore Dollars). Besides preventing allergies, this package will make you feel more energized and less sluggish in the morning. Fresh air and a clean bed can make a huge difference. This is our way of thanking you for your trust in our service and for the opportunity to help you have a peaceful night's sleep.
With only $39 Singapore Dollars, you can enjoy 2-hour mattress cleaning in Singapore
In conclusion, cleaning a mattress can't be avoided. The very first step to cleaning your mattress is to keep dirt away from it. You should also avoid eating or drinking on your bed and let your pets sleep in their cots. It’s no use sleeping with the enemy if it causes you to discomfort much later.

Are mattress cleaning machines necessary?

If you have to do mattress cleaning periodically, it is much better to buy your cleaning materials. This will prove to be much more favorable and pocket-friendly as you will not have to hire professionals all the time to do the job for you. 
For those people who often have pets on their beds, a mattress cleaning machine should be considered. Dogs and cats carry many insects and germs on their fur, such as fleas and mites, depending on the cleanliness of the animal.
Also, the anti-allergen should be sprayed at least once a week in the morning after waking up. It will destroy any pests or parasites on the mattress and make them unwelcome.
To recall, Ocean Clean offers a 2-hour trial mattress cleaning in Singapore package for only $39 Singapore Dollars. For information and further details about our mattress cleaning in Singapore services, contact us today!
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